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Housing market looks to heat up with weather

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Along with balmy breezes harkening approaching summer, comes the expected reports that Burlington-area real estate is heating up. What’s different this year is Vermont Business Magazine quoting yours truly as a market expert! (see paragraph 2!) Interesting to see my name in print — this time as a source, rather than times-of-old, as a reporter. Sharing the turn of tables, and a recap on this great season for buying and selling real estate: Enjoy:




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From the desk of Leslee MacKenzie, President & Owner, CBHB Realty

Blue_Flat_Individual_Intl_Presidents_Elite_high_resColdwell Banker International recently awarded Eileen Townsend, with the prestigious International President’s Elite Award.

Out of the 85,000 Coldwell Banker Sales Associates worldwide, only the top 3% qualified for this honor.

As a client, colleague, or friend of Eileen, I wanted to share this exciting news and hope you will join me in congratulating her for this well-deserved recognition. At Coldwell Banker Hickok & Boardman Realty, we strive to provide our clients and customers with innovative real estate tools, delivered by the most highly trained real estate professionals in the market. Eileen exemplifies this commitment through her strong work ethic and unwavering commitment to being a trusted adviser for home buyers and sellers.

It is through Eileen’s relationships and the referrals of past clients and customers, like you, that she will continue to thrive in the local real estate market. Thank you for your support.


Leslee MacKenzie

President & Owner

Coldwell Banker Hickok & Boardman Realty

You didn’t miss it!

For those of you who have been feeling like you might have already missed the best real estate market ever … no … you’ve still got time! This story sums up the local market climate quite nicely:


2013: How to prepare for another busy year of real estate sales

Barbara Corcoran opened her NBC TODAY Show weekly real estate segment this week with advice that … yes, indeed, 2013 is expected to be a big year in real estate.

Here in Burlington, we’re starting the year strong, coming off a whopping 42% jump in the number of sales in Burlington last year (year-over-year 2011 to 2012)!  Experts, economists and media pundits say prices should continue to hold steady, while the number of sales continues to increase, thanks to another round of record-low interest rates.

Turns out, real estate magnate Corcoran’s tips for getting ready for the market mirror my own: start by obtaining your mortgage pre-approval, so that you know you can move ahead, and can target your shopping to the price range most comfortable for you. Given tightening credit markets, it’s a far different experience to get approved for a mortgage these days than it once was, so it pays to review what to expect along the way. Then again, there are rewards for getting through the process — At today’s rates, you could be pleasantly surprised at the price-point you can afford! Here are those tips, from the local perspective, on how to prepare yourself to take a mortgage in today’s lending environment:

(Feel free to call me for help connecting with a mortgage banker or broker you can trust!)

 Advice for a smooth closing

 Key Steps for getting your mortgage



The case for “Locking In” your future housing expenses

Check out this comparison of average home prices, state-by-state, showing 2011 prices compared with last year, 5 years, and 10 years ago … Looks and feels like a stabilization in prices. Imagine if you could lock in your housing cost-of-living for the future at today’s prices and low interest rates … Imagine if the next 10 years brings the same trend that, even WITH the recession, gave us 10 years of appreciation like the past 10 years … most places in the country. Food for thought.

Sweet Spot in the Buyer’s Market: How Long Will It Last?

rates hover at historic lows for past 3 years
chart courtesy Spruce Mortgage 802-652-1065

Home Prices and Interest Rates:

On Their Way Up?

Too  good to be true? Economists, mortgage bankers, Realtors, the US and  local media, and good old Yankee practicality … all seem to be saying  the same thing. If it feels like it’s too good to be true, it probably  is, and it probably won’t last. That’s the new mantra regarding mortgage  interest rates, and sources say, time’s a wastin’.


Mortgage  rates have hovered just above and just below the 5% mark since the  winter of 2008-2009 — giving us nearly three years of continuous  30-year lows in mortgage rates. Combine that with prices that have  adjusted with the wave of recessions and, for buyers, it shapes up to be  a “Perfect Storm” enviornment for making that long-awaited purchase.  Only now, stabilized prices are staged to rise, and economic  recovery removes reasons for keeping interest rates artificially low. The NAR predicts rates will average 5.1% this year, and rise to 5.9% in 2012.

Buyers’ Dilemma: Buy Now (at Record Low Interest Rates) or Wait for Lower Prices

Almost as big a question as “To be, or not to be”… some real estate shoppers continue to debate whether to take advantage of the lowest interest rates in decades, or wait to see if, perchance, home prices might give up “just a little bit more.”  Here’s the debate, simply stated in chart format, settling unequivocally what saves the most money for the homebuyer. Buyers’ Dilemma: Price vs. Interest Rate Thanks, Mark Chaffee, of Mortgage Financial, for crunching real numbers to show the difference. Oh, the winner? You guessed it: Even if prices drop 10%, from day one, and even after 10 years of ownership … it’s better to nab the lower interest rate now … by a LOT, not by a little. No kidding — click the image at right to see the chart fullsize!