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Evaluating the Value (or Price) of Your Home:

Many tangible and intangible factors go into determining the market value for a home … from the physical features of the home, to how the market is behaving when you are getting ready to sell … from your design and décor, to current trends that are influencing buyers … from which town you are in, to how close (or far) you are from employment centers, shopping, schools and conveniences. Your desired timeframe and motivation for selling also play a role in the price at which you ultimately may decide to hit the market. Or, perhaps you are just curious, and keeping track, for future reference.
(That’s OK, too.)

I’d be happy to work with you to see where your house may fall with respect to current values in your neighborhood (or area). It is always best for me to visit the home to see, in person, what a buyer would see, and to gather the intangible information that can’t be captured by your address or “in the numbers” (square footage, number of beds and baths). To get me started, please complete the form below, and send it through the email link provided. Or phone me (802-846-9552) to schedule an appointment so I can gather all the information at once.

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